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Posted by royalflush | online poker | Thursday 31 January 2013 6:21 pm

I am back to posting in my blog regularly now. I’ve been meaning to get back to this for about a week now, and finally got around to doing it. I haven’t been updating because I have just been so mad with my play and results. But the past is the past and I’m back to building my bankroll up slowly, which is the only way I can do it.

I will try to stray from useless hand histories, and I hope to keep up with my sessions. What I am doing now is almost only playing $0.50/$1 limit holdem ring tables at full tilt. I want to stay away from all forms of tournaments and other games, like NL rings, because this area is where I am weak and where almost all of my money losses come from. Even though I love playing in these events, I have never done well and continue to not do well. For that matter, I will just be playing in the big games each Sunday unless a game comes up which I really want to play in. I probably won’t be playing any SNG and I’m going to really try to stay away from MTTs.

As for $0.50/$1, I have been doing fairly well. What I seem to be leaning towards right now is fairly short sessions. I have been playing where if I am up $5, I leave the table and end my session for a while. I know that’s not much at all, but I’m trying to build my bankroll slowly. I lost about $250 maybe two weeks ago, knocking my bankroll down to $628. Since then, I have been playing quite well. I have had all winning sessions at $0.50/$1. At the beginning of today, I started with about $702 in my bankroll. I played a little $0.50/$1 and won about $5 and left.

I didn’t feel like starting another session, I had a lot of time to spare, and no cheap MTT was beginning, so I decided to play a SNG. I didn’t want to waste much money, so I registered for a $1.20 45-man SNG. To be honest, I played better tournament poker here than I have played in months. I won’t go into detail, but I was first for the first half of the tourney, and second for most of the second half (to a massive chip leader) of the tourney until about 4-handed where I took control. I dominated short handed and got heads-up with the chip lead against the player that had been chip leader. I won the tourney after 4 hands of heads-up, winning 3 of the 4 pots.

For me, this was a moral victory. I have been struggling in tournaments and it just feels great to win one with a decent amount of entrants. This victory brought my bankroll up to $719. Tonight, I played a $2.20 MTT, never got anything going and was knocked out after about 1 hour.

After this, I found a seemingly great $0.50/$1 table. I was very tight and passive. These are the types of tables I am looking for because what I want to do at the ring tables is win very small pots preflop or on the flop. Stealing the blinds is great. I don’t want to be involved in really any big pots unless I have the nuts. I don’t want to waste any money from stupid plays, calls, or chases. Well things started off badly and just went south from there. I lost a decent sized pot by getting sucked out by a 3-outer.

Then I lost a huge pot with 44 when I flopped a set of 4s, and hit a full house with a 5 on the river, also putting 4 spades on the board. My opponent happened to have QQ and hit his higher set on the turn, and won a very big pot off of me. Things continued to go wrong when I lost with JJ to JTo when someone chased a straight draw and hit the river. I got my head together, and left the table, down $25.50. This was my first losing session since starting my rebuilding phase. It wasn’t pleasant, but I’m dealing with it. What pleased me was my ability to leave the table when I noticed that I wasn’t winning at all, and my strictness in that I stopped for the night right there. A few weeks ago, I would probably go to a $1/$2 table after this, probably multi-tableing there, and potentially lose even more.

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